Message from the Principal

Tilingatar Higher Secondary School is located at Dhapasi VDC – 7, Kathmandu, in a pollution free area with friendly environment. The school was established in 2019 as Panchakanya Primary School with the then popular enthusiasm for education. The school has run classes from grade Nursery to grade Twelve. The higher secondary classes (XI & XII) are run in the morning shift whereas the other classes are in the day shift. The school premises is very spacious and the class room as well. Recently the school has been equipped with some sorts of facilities like: Fan and power circuits to provide students with better education.

There are nearly 1400 students in the school; being looked after by 42 teaching staffers. The nominal fees from the students is only the regular financial source of the school, which is not enough to meet the expenses of the school as it has appointed some teachers in local source to uplift the educational system and to maintain the English environment into the school premises. The school manages terminal examinations thrice a year and 5 unit tests to lead the out come of educational system to quality.

The school has fully carried out the practice of maintaining English Environment up to grade 5 and is hoping so up to grade XII by next year.

THSS is being regularly recognized as the most prestigious and best government schools in the capital city of Nepal . It has constantly been accelerating its quality in terms of academic and infrastructural performances, so, many national and international institutions and individuals have been paying attention for the development of the school. Combine effort is only the best way of furthering its development. So, the school humbly requests all interested (candidates) individuals and institutions home and abroad to provide with their assistances to the school.