Tilingatar Higher Secondary School

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Historical Background

Tilingatar Higher Secondary was informally formed as Panchakanya Primary School in 2017 BS (1960 AD) with strong initiation of late Lal Bahadur Rana (Magar) and late Kedar Bahadur Basnet, in Dhapasi VDC-7. Two years later in 2019 BS (1962 AD) it was formally founder under the registration of HMG Ministery of Education. The school had to face many ups and downs and as a result the classes 4 & 5 were collapsed in 2030 though it was registered till class 5. The situation of the school went worse day by day but Shivasharan K.C. a dweller of Dhapasi-1, provided the school with tinned roof. A new ray of hope inspired gradually and the school was upgraded to classes 4 and 5


Tilingatar Higher Secondary School

Education plays a vital role to systematic and sensitive community with means of educated and efficient manpower for the overall development of the nation. Tilingatar Higher Secondary School , a Government School , gradually upgraded, is situated at Dhapasi in Kathmandu in 2019 BS (1962 A.D.). The school was established as Panchakanya Primary School ' in Dhapasi VDC with popular enthusiasm for education that followed the great output in those days upto now as the Tilingatar Higher Secondary School . The school is aiming at being regarded as the model Government school in national stature. Today the school is one of the most popular schools in Kathmandu valley both in terms of quality and prestige. We've about 1350 students studying and


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